• OWL

    Kratt Wiki - new to Wikia

    July 23, 2014 by OWL

    Hello, I'm OWL.

    I have recently created Kratt Wiki, a wiki for all of the Kratt Brothers' shows (including Be the Creature, Zoobamafoo, Wild Kratts, Kratts' Creatures). This obviously includes Wild Kratts.

    I think Kratt Wiki is off to a great start (I'm trying to keep everything perfectly organized, and trying not to make things get out of hand).

    I don't want to replace this wiki; This wiki is just for Wild Kratts, while Kratt Wiki does all of their shows.

    I would love it if any of you came on over to Kratt Wiki to check it out and maybe edit! (P.S. I'm good with CSS, so the wiki itself looks really good)

    [Please don't be offended if you see that I've used some of the photos from this wiki; They aren't really owned by someone anyway]


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